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While intended for English language Capuchin Friars, capdox may be useful for anyone interested in reform movements in Italy in the first half of the 16th Century – a special period in the history of the Church, of Italy and of Europe.

This site does not offer a course in Capuchin history. Most of the texts are English translations. Some documents appear in their original language, Italian … with a little Latin occasionally.

The various elements of this website briefly indicated:

In the capdox menu section can be found:

Capuchin Friars: a work in slow progress of an English translation of the 5 volume edition of I FRATI CAPPUCCINI. Documenti e Testimonianze del Primo Secolo. A cura di COSTANZO CARGNONI. Roma 1982. Check back regularly – every few months – for updates.

Early Capuchin sources: mainly sources from the early Capuchin period of the 16thcentury that had some influence or connection to the Capuchin reform.

Early Capuchin writers: Letters, meditations, prayers, catechesis and homilies of the early Capuchin friars translated into English.

Studies of the Capuchin reform: This is an eclectic gathering of various studies done on aspects of the Capuchin reform.

The Legislation section contains the most significant legislation of the Capuchin Friars. It extends from the unconfirmed First Rule of the Friars Minor (1209)composed by St Francis of Assisi to the current Constitutions of 2012.

The Plenary Councils are a recent instrument in the history of the Capuchin friars. They serve as a forum for reflection and consultation on questions and areas of particular importance to the whole of the institute.

The Generals Letters are an instrument by which the consecutive General Ministers of the Order animate the the Capuchin friars throughout the world, communicate important events and news and seek to encourage the Order  to responding to the Spirit of the Lord and His holy operation.

The Capuchin reform has been blessed with men and women who have lived their consecrated life in heroic witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Brief biographies can be found in the section on Saints/Blesseds.

The Francescanea section is a varied collection of materials that come under the Franciscan umbrella. They are a wonderful source of spiritual reading.

The Formation section is primarily for the use of the Capuchin Friars of the province of Australia, especially those in initial formation.

Capuchin formation resources

Capuchin formation resources:  the site also seeks to be an English-speaking formation resource. It contains some courses prepared for  the stage of initial formation into the Capuchin way of life. The Capuchin studies section could be helpful for ongoing formation. The Francescanea section may be helpful for spiritual reading and prayerful reflection.

Origins of CapDox

About the origins of CapDox
Fr Paul Hanbridge OFM Cap

The origins of CapDox is with Br Paul Hanbridge OFM Cap of the Capuchin province of Australia creating the original CapDox website. It ceased with his death on 19th January 2015.

This website seeks to preserve the fine work of Br Paul in researching and making available in the English language the early Capuchin sources.

Also in accord with the origins of Capdox, this website desires to continue one of the passionate desires of Br Paul: formation of the young friars. He desired that they read and study the Franciscan and Capuchin sources historically in a way that feeds the mind and the spirit.


Prayer of St Francis before the Crucifix

Most High,
glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart
and give me
true faith,
certain hope,
and perfect charity,
sense and knowledge,
that I may carry out
Your holy and true command.

Capuchin Friars of Australia

The main website of the Capuchin Friars of Australia can be found at  where you find contact information, news about the activities and ministries of the friars and general information.

The website for the Capuchin missions support can be found at where you can order online Seraphic Mass Enrolments, seasonal cards (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day), Saint Padre Pio devotional material and religious articles, and so forth. You can also read the latest mission news, such as what the Capuchin friars are doing in East Timor.