Capuchin Studies

A Retrospective on the Capuchin Reform – 450 Anniversary 1528-1978

Some instruments for the study of the Capuchin Constitutions

Paul Hanbridge: An annotated translation of the Capuchin Constitutions of 1536

Paul Hanbridge: A textual comparison between the Capuchin Constitutions of 1536, 1552 and 1575

Paul Hanbridge: Considerations on the Capuchin Charism

Gary Devery: True friars with living faith. The 1536 Capuchin Constitutions and the evangelical village

Lam Vu: Early Capuchin Preaching in Italy

Costanzo Cargnoni: Note on the Capuchin charism

Costanzo Cargnoni: Key Points of Capuchin spirituality

Costanzo Cargnoni: Mysticism of the Seventeenth Century and the Capuchins

Costanzo Cargnoni: Capuchin tradition yesterday and today

Costanzo Cargnoni: The spirituality of the Capuchin lay brother

Costanzo Cargnoni: The Rule of Saint Francis in Capuchin Tradition

Costanzo Cargnoni: From the Constitutions of 1536 to the formulation of a material culture of the Capuchin Order

Costanzo Cargnoni: The culture of mercy in Capuchin history

Costanzo Cargnoni: Capuchin friars between work and devotion

Costanzo Cargnoni: Reform of the Church, Prophesy and Apocalypse in Mattia da Salò

Costanzo Cargnoni: Mercy in St Leopold and St Pio of Pietrelcina

Costanzo Cargnoni: Inspiration, Actualisation and Message of Lawrence of Brindisi

Costanzo Cargnoni: The One Rule of Seraphic Saint Francis by Fr Gregorio Tolosa da Napoli

John Petrikovic: Bernardine Ochino and Italian Humanism: A study in context

John Petrikovic: Evangelical Freedom and Disobedience: Capuchin reform and the limits of liberty

Patrick Colbourne: The Change of Heart in John Pili of Fano, Capuchin Friar

Patrick Colbourne: The Soul’s Journey into God by St Bonaventure and The Seven Dialogues by Bernardino Ochino

Melchiore of Pobladura: The Chronicles of Bernardino of Colpetrazzo (1514-1594)

Melchior of Pobladura: The Capuchin Reform: A Franciscan Renaissance

Melchiore of Pobladura: General Introduction to the Historia Capuccina of Mattia da Salò

Zaccaria Boverio: The Life of Brother Bernardino of Colpetrazzo, Preacher

Paul Hanbridge: Introduction to the works of Edourdo d’Alençon

Edoardo d’Alençon: Gian Pietro Carafa and the Reform in the Order of Friars Minor Observant

Edoardo d’Alençon: Beginnings of the Capuchin Friars Minor 1525-1534

Edoardo d’Alençon: The troubles of the Capuchins under Pope Paul III (1534-1541)

Fr Cuthbert: The Capuchins: a contribution to the history of the Counter-Reformation

Karl Benrath: Bernardino Ochino of Siena: A contribution towards the history of the Reformation