Plenary Councils of the Order

Article 143 of the Capuchin Constitutions (2012)

1The purpose of the Plenary Council of the Order is to express the vital link between the entire brotherhood and its central government, to promote an awareness of the co-responsibility and cooperation of all the brothers, and to foster the order’s unity and communion in diversity.
2The Plenary Council is a forum for reflection and consultation, which examines questions of particular importance and offers its own collaboration in the governance of the order, in the formation of the brothers, and in their apostolic mission for the growth of the Order and its renewal in accordance with the times.
3The General Minister with the consent of his council may convoke a Plenary Council, which shall be conducted according to the procedures approved by the General Minister with the consent of his councillors.
4The members of the Plenary Council are: the General Minister, the general councillors and delegates of the Conferences of major superiors, with a certain proportional representation established by the General Minister with the consent of his council.
5Each Conference determines the manner of choosing the delegates from among its own circumscriptions. Delegates need not necessarily be chosen from among the ministers of the Conference itself.
6 The General Minister with the consent of his council may confirm the conclusions of the Plenary Council, communicate them to all the brothers at an opportune time, and draw from them practical guidelines for the order.

Plenary Council I: Our life in fraternity and poverty

Plenary Council II: Our life and practice of prayer

Plenary Council III: Missionary life and activity

Plenary Council IV: Formation guidelines

Plenary Council V: Our prophetic presence in the world

Plenary Council VI: Living poverty in brotherhood

Plenary Council VII: Fraternal life in minority

Plenary Council VIII: The grace of working