Capuchin Formation

Ratio Formationis of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor

Capuchin Formation Handbook of Australia

Conferences for Postulants:

Liturgy and Sacraments

Conferences for Post-Noviciate Formation:

1. Vita Consecrata

2. Capuchin ministry to the poor

3. Capuchin ministry of prayer

An overview of the writing of the Regola bollata of 1223:

Outline of the Overview of the Rule of 1223

4. Francis, his friars and the people (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

5. The travail of a redaction (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

Reading the Testament of Francis critically:

6. After he has looked into his eyes (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

7. The Testament verses 1-3 (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

8. Excursus of the Testament 1-3: penance and mercy  (Pietro Messa)

9. The Testament verses 4-13 (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

10. The Testament verses 14-23 (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

11.  The Testament verses 34-41 (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

Two key Papal interpretations of the Rule

12. Quo elongati Pope Gregory IX 1230 (Accrocca)

13. Ordinem vestrum Pope Innocent IV 1245 (Accrocca)

Capuchin history, legislation, tradition and charism:

14. The Capuchin reform

15. Review of the Constitutions of 1536, 1552 and 1575

16. Note on the Capuchin charism (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

17. Key points of Capuchin spirituality (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

18. Capuchin tradition: yesterday and today (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

19. The spirituality of the Capuchin lay brother (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

20. From the Constitutions of 1536 to the formulation of a material culture of the Capuchin Order (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

21. The culture of mercy in Capuchin history (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

22. Capuchin Prayer (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

23. Capuchin friars between work and devotion (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

Resources to prepare for Perpetual Vows:

Overview of perpetual vows preparation

1. A detailed summary of the “Intentio Francisci”. Historical-critical approach to the Regola bollata (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

2. A detailed summary of The minoritic Constitutions: an identity in cammino (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

3. A detailed summary of “States” of the Capuchin Reform 1528-1596 (Carlo Calloni OFM Cap)

4. The Rule of Saint Francis in Capuchin Tradition (Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap)

5. A reflective reading of the Formula of Profession