Documents and Testimonies of the first century of the Capuchin reform

Introduction to the Capuchin spiritual, ascetical and mystical writings by Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap

1. Overview: Ascetical and Mystical Writings (1536-1628)

2. Critical Analysis of Capuchin Spiritual Writings Prior to the Council of Trent

3. Critical Analysis of Capuchin Spiritual Writings after the Council of Trent

4. Summary: The Capuchin Ascetical School of Alessio da Salò

Critical Introduction to early Capuchin preaching by Constanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap

1. Texts of sermons as documents that containing preaching material

2. The development of preaching in the texts of the sermons

3. Capuchin sermons before the Council of Trent

4. The “evangelical” preaching of Bernardino Ochino

5. The third period of Capuchin preaching and the decrees of the Tridentine reform

6. Preachers and Sermons after the Council of Trent

The Capuchin writers:

Anonymous: Gospel Love Concerning the Rule of Saint Francis

Anonymous: Meditation on the Our Father

Anonymous: Points on Capuchin meditations and devotions

Alfonso Lobo: Themes from sermons preached in Rome (1571-1572)

Battista da Faenza: Devout Meditation on the Passion of Jesus

Bernardino d’Asti: Devout Prayers

Bernardino d’Asti: A Circular Letter of the General Minister 6th June 1548

Bernardino da Balvano: The Mirror of Prayer

Bernardino da Balvano: Doctrinal sermon on predestination (Messina 1562)

Bernardino da Montolomo: Meditation on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Bernardino Ochino: Concerning True Charity and the Method of Acquiring it

Bernardino Ochino: How to recognise a good Christian (First Sermon, Lucca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Love your neighbour as yourself (Second Sermon, Luca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Confidence in God (Fifth Sermon, Lucca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Sermon preached in Vinegia on Saturday after Passion Sunday 1539

Bernardino Ochino: Lenten Sermon, Venice 1539

Bernardino Ochino: Seven Dialogues

Cornelio Castellucci da Urbino: Darts of Divine Love

Cristoforo da Verucchio: Exercises for a Soul

Francesco da Fognano: The Soul’s Deliberation and Prayers

Francis of Iesi – The Circle of Divine Love (1539)

Francesco Longo da Corigliano Calabro: The Spiritual Clock (1621)

Francesco Tittelmans di Hasselt: A Treatise on Holy Meditations

Giovanni Maria da Tusa: First sermon of Lenten course

Girolamo Finucci da Pistoia: 3 sermons: God’s Majesty, Predestination, Confession

Gregory of Naples: The Admirable Teaching

Jerome of Molfetta: Rules for Mental Prayer

John of Fano: Commentary on the Rule of Saint Francis

John of Fano: The Art of Union

John of Fano: A Short Catechism

John of Fano: Concerning the Observance of the Vow of Poverty

Lawrence of Brindisi: Concerning the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar

Lawrence of Brindisi: Three Sermons for the Feast of St Francis

Lawrence of Brindisi: On the Admirability of the Virgin Theotokos

Lawrence of Brindisi: Christ Temple of Divinity

Mario da Mercato Saraceno: sermon on First Sunday of Lent

Mattia da Salò: The Practice of Mental Prayer

Mattia da Salò: The Sufferings of Christ

Mattia da Salò: Spiritual Rosaries

Mattia da Salò: The Theatre of Paradise

Michelangelo da Venezia: A Bundle of Myrrh

Paolo da Terni: Interior Paradise (Selected Exercises)

Silvestro da Rossano: A Method of Prayer Combining Spirit and Mind​