Documents and Testimonies of the first century of the Capuchin reform

Introduction to the Capuchin spiritual, ascetical and mystical writings by Costanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap

1. Overview: Ascetical and Mystical Writings (1536-1628)

2. Critical Analysis of Capuchin Spiritual Writings Prior to the Council of Trent

3. Critical Analysis of Capuchin Spiritual Writings after the Council of Trent

4. Summary: The Capuchin Ascetical School of Alessio da Salò

Critical Introduction to early Capuchin preaching by Constanzo Cargnoni OFM Cap

The Capuchin writers:

Anonymous: Gospel Love Concerning the Rule of Saint Francis

Anonymous: Meditation on the Our Father

Anonymous: Points on Capuchin meditations and devotions

Alfonso Lobo: Themes from sermons preached in Rome (1571-1572)

Battista da Faenza: Devout Meditation on the Passion of Jesus

Benet of Canfield: The Rule of Perfection

Bernardino d’Asti: Devout Prayers

Bernardino d’Asti: A Circular Letter of the General Minister 6th June 1548

Bernardino da Balvano: The Mirror of Prayer

Bernardino da Balvano: Doctrinal sermon on predestination (Messina 1562)

Bernardino da Montolomo: Meditation on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Bernardino Ochino: Concerning True Charity and the Method of Acquiring it

Bernardino Ochino: How to recognise a good Christian (First Sermon, Lucca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Love your neighbour as yourself (Second Sermon, Luca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Confidence in God (Fifth Sermon, Lucca 1538)

Bernardino Ochino: Sermon preached in Vinegia on Saturday after Passion Sunday 1539

Bernardino Ochino: Lenten Sermon, Venice 1539

Bernardino Ochino: Seven Dialogues

Cornelio Castellucci da Urbino: Darts of Divine Love

Cristoforo da Verucchio: Exercises for a Soul

Francesco da Fognano: The Soul’s Deliberation and Prayers

Francis of Iesi – The Circle of Divine Love (1539)

Francesco Longo da Corigliano Calabro: The Spiritual Clock (1621)

Francesco Tittelmans di Hasselt: A Treatise on Holy Meditations

Giovanni Maria da Tusa: First sermon of Lenten course

Giovanni Maria da Tusa: Portion of a Good Friday sermon

Girolamo Finucci da Pistoia: 3 sermons: God’s Majesty, Predestination, Confession

Gregory of Naples: The Admirable Teaching

Jerome of Molfetta: Rules for Mental Prayer

John of Fano: Commentary on the Rule of Saint Francis

John of Fano: The Art of Union

John of Fano: A Short Catechism

John of Fano: Concerning the Observance of the Vow of Poverty

Lawrence of Brindisi: Concerning the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar

Lawrence of Brindisi: Three Sermons for the Feast of St Francis

Lawrence of Brindisi: On the Admirability of the Virgin Theotokos

Lawrence of Brindisi: Christ Temple of Divinity

Mario da Mercato Saraceno: sermon on First Sunday of Lent

Mattia da Salò: The Practice of Mental Prayer

Mattia da Salò: The Sufferings of Christ

Mattia da Salò: Spiritual Rosaries

Mattia da Salò: The Theatre of Paradise

Michelangelo da Venezia: A Bundle of Myrrh

Paolo da Terni: Interior Paradise (Selected Exercises)

Silvestro da Rossano: A Method of Prayer Combining Spirit and Mind​