Melchior a Pobladura on Bernardino of Colpetrazzo

The Chronicles of Bernardino of Colpetrazzo (1514-1594)

Edited by Melchior da Pobladura OFM Cap

Translated by Paul Hanbridge OFM Cap

© 2020 Capuchin Friars of Australia

Melchior a Pobladura on Bernardino of Colpetrazzo and his works

The following is a collection of studies made by Melchior of Pobladura OFM Cap on the ‘Chronicle’ of Bernardino of Colpetrazzo. These studies accompanied fr. Melchior’s publication of the critical edition of the Colpetrazzo’s three volumes between 1939 and 1941 in the series Monumenta Historica Minorum Capuccinorum, volumes 2 – 5. To these translations I have added a greater number of extra synoptic tables of the biographies of the Friars found in the various redactions of Colpetrazzo’s lives of some outstanding friars. The extra tables serve two purposes: a) to identify the biographies supplied by the Jerome of Montefiore’s collection; b) to make more apparente the relationship of the various codices of the Chronicle to the manuscript tradition. Colpetrazzo’s biography by Boverio (translated from the Italian edition of Sambenedetti) concludes this collection, along with a biographical fragment supplied by Lattanzio of Terni. All the entries in the bibliography are to be found in the Biblioteca Centrale Cappuccini.

The bibliography, compilation and translations by Paul Hanbridge OFM Cap, Collegio San Lorenzo, Roma, 2003