2013 Capuchin Constitutions

Some Instruments for the study of the Capuchin Constitutions

The following are suggestions of instruments in the English language that can assist in the study of the Capuchin Constitutions, especially for friars in post-novitiate formation and for ongoing formation. The first few instruments assist with studying the first Capuchin Constitutions (1536). The later with studying the current 2012 Constitutions. 

The early Capuchin Constitutions:

 A detailed summary of The minoritic Constitutions: an identity in cammino (Pietro Maranesi OFM Cap)

Review of the Capuchin Constitutions 1536, 1552 and 1575 (Gary Devery)

The Franciscan significance of the Capuchin reform in the light of authentic sources of the spirit and life of St Francis (Optatus van Asseldonk)

Prayer and Contemplation in the legislation and life of the first Capuchins (Octavian Schmucki)

An annotated translation of the Capuchin Constitutions 1536 (Paul Hanbridge)

True friars with living faith. The 1536 Constitutions and the evangelical village (Gary Devery)

Linking the Constitutions with Capuchin charism, spirituality and tradition

Note on the Capuchin charism (Costanzo Cargnoni)

 Key points of Capuchin spirituality (Costanzo Cargnoni)

 Capuchin tradition yesterday and today (Costanzo Cargnoni)

The spirituality of the Capuchin lay brother (Costanzo Cargnoni)

♦ The Rule of Saint Francis in Capuchin Tradition (Costanzo Cargnoni)

Current Capuchin Constitutions (2013):

The following is set out in such a way as to follow the genesis of the current (2013) Constitutions. The first instrument below (General Report) chronologically should be placed second last, just before the approved 2013 Constitutions. However, it is placed here because the Report allows for a following of the genesis of the revision of the current Constitutions from before the 2006 General Chapter and including the so called Project 2006 Draft Constitutions and Statutes.

General Report on Constitutions preparations for General Chapter 2012

Presentation of Project 2006 to General Chapter 2006

Project 2006 Draft Constitutions and Statutes

Instruments specific to preparation of the 2013 Constitutions:

♦ Br Francisco Iglesias: History – Layout – Profile of the Capuchin

Br Francisco Iglesias: Layout of the structure and contents of the Constitutions

Premise of Commission Constitutionum OFMCap.

N.B. below are the PdR2 Proposals for Revision. PdR1 proposals are not presented. The Explanatory Notes in the PdR2 frequently indicate the textual differences between the First and Second Proposals for Revision. The Explanatory Notes at the end of most articles are very helpful tools for understanding the genesis of the 2012 Constitutions and Statutes.

PdR2 Chapter I: The life of the Capuchin friars minor

PdR2 Chapter II: The vocation to our life and the formation of the brothers

PdR2 Chapter III: Our life of prayer

♦ PdR2 Chapter IV: Our life in poverty

♦ PdR2 Chapter V: The manner of working

PdR2 Chapter VI: Our life in fraternity

PdR2 Chapter VII: Our life of penance

PdR2 Chapter VIII: The governance of our Order

♦ PdR2 Chapter IX: Our apostolic life

PdR2 Chapter X: Our life in obedience

♦ PdR2 Chapter XI: Our life in consecrated chastity

PdR2 Chapter XII: The proclamation of the Gospel and the life of faith

PdR2 The Conclusion of the Constitutions

Capuchin Constitutions and Statutes (2013)

Study Resources fo the 2013 Constitutions

Chapter I: The Life of the Capuchin Friars by Br Mauro Jöhri

Chapter X: Our life in Obedience by Br Andrew Anil Sequeria

A theological letter by Br Francesco Neri

Prayer in Franciscan and Capuchin Tradition by Prospero Rivi

 The moral perspective by Br José Luis Cereijo

A portrait of Saint Francis by Br Janusz Kaźmierczak