450th Anniversary 1528-1978

This little collection of essays, appearing first in a special 1978 issue of Analecta OFM Cap to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Capuchin Franciscan Order, affords us the opportunity to re-read and perhaps relearn the central issues and values of the Capuchin Franciscan reform movement.

The authors each use their expertise as historians and theologians to helps us understand how and why this branch of the Franciscans, at one time nearly 35,000 strong, has been such a significant factor in Church history, the history of spirituality, missionary development, and religious reform.” (From the Introduction to The Capuchin Reform: Essays in Commemoration of its 450th Anniversary 1528-1978 an English translation by Br. Ignatius McCormick OFM Cap of Reformatio Capuccina 1528-1978, Numerus specialis of the Analecta OFMCap 94(1978) number 5. The translation was published by the then North American Capuchin Conference in 1983.

(PDF of hardcopy book available here)

Table of Contents