Blessed Joaquín de Albocácer

Capuchin martyr (1879-1936)

BLESSED JOAQUÍN DE ALBOCÁCERJosé Ferrer Adell was born on 23 April 1879 at Albocácer in the diocese of Tortosa in the province of Castellón de la Plana. He was baptised the day he was born. He was the only child of José Ferrer and Antonia Adell. After completing his first studies in the Seraphic Seminary of the Capuchins, the received the habit at Massamagrell on 1 January 1896 and made simple profession on 3 January 1897. He did his philosophy studies at Totana (Murcia) and theology at Orihuela (Alicante). He was ordained by the Bishop of Segorbe on 19 December 1903.

In 1913 left for Columbia as a missionary where he was appointed Superior Regular of the Custody of Bogotá in 1925. On completion of his service as Superior Regular he returned to Spain and was appointed director of the Seraphic Seminary at Massamagrell. As director he sought to inculcate the missionary spirit in the aspirants to religious life. “Br. Joaquín” says Br. José Piquer, “dedicated himself in the friary at Massamagrell to teach the young seminarians as director of the Seminary.” “He was tireless in his work and in his teaching the students and treated them as a good father,” declares Br. Antonio Sales. He is remembered as a mystic: “He was a mystical person. He was kind in his dealings with everyone,” says Mr. Antonio Sales. He was truly consecrated to the salvation of everyone. His was a Eucharistic soul: the magazine “Vita eucaristica” that he founded, daily adoration, Holy Hours, Eucharistic Thursdays . were all things to which he dedicated himself with authentic generosity.

When the religious persecution broke out, he arranged for the safety of his seminarians. Then he went to Rafelbuñol (Valencia) and took refuge in the Piquer house. He kept in touch his students from there and occupied his time in prayer with full confidence in Divine Providence.

The militia captured him on 30 August and led him to Albocácer with his family members. He was brought before the president of the Committee of Rafelbuñol at ten in the morning. At four in the afternoon he was taken in the same car four kilometres along the road from Puebla Tornesa to Villafamés where he was killed. He was then buried in the cemetery in Villafamés. They have not been able to identify his remains.

During his few hours in prison, Br. Joaquín he tried to encourage and help his companions. Some witnesses say that when was captured he had an attitude of great humility and docility. He greeted his family members and said to them, “If we do not see one another on earth, I will see you in glory.”

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